The Centrifugal Gauss Action (CGA) is a new concept in electromagnetic propulsion. Modern Gauss rifles are designed to launch extremely heavy projectiles down linear rails to hypersonic speeds. This concept is extremely power hungry, and difficult to produce. The idea of the CGA is to think quite a bit smaller.

The CGA is intended for use as an alternative for submachine guns and PDW's. Using an orbital concept instead of linear electromagnets allows the CGA to be substantially smaller than most Gauss designs and consume slightly less power.

Using the same concept as a particle accelerator, the CGA would be able to have up to 5 .40 caliber steel balls cycling in the action at any one time, giving it the fastest rate of fire of any firearm ever devised.

The intent here is not to have a supersonic projectile but very specifically a subsonic projectile. The CGA will be specifically designed for CQB engagement in hostage situations. Recoiless and virtually silent to maximize potential accuracy, minimize over penetration, and eliminate hearing damage to innocents.

All funding will go towards materials, machinery, testing equipment, and engineering costs of bringing the CGA to life.

If you believe in this project then please support it in whatever way you can either by donating or by spreading the word about this project and HKT's other avenues of research.