Hope is not a strategy. If we expect to progress our community and technology, we have to work together toward common goals. Hummingbird Knife & Tactical was founded on the principle that better equipment and technology can save lives and change the world. If you are interested in helping to solve these problems, then please learn more about these research endeavors and consider donating to see their completion. Clicking through any of these links will direct you to the donation page associated with that project. There you will find more information and have the opportunity to donate.



The goal of this project is to do better than just accept that a red dot is red and a dot. HKT wants to conduct a study of brain activity when using specific firearms and reticles to create better more efficient optic interfaces that speed up target recognition, engagement, and acquisition.

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The RMAP (Riggs Modular Assault Platform) is a concept for the future of our country's military and law enforcement- a next generation assault platform and intermediate range carbine designed to perform in the most brutal conditions with advanced accuracy, lethality, ergonomics, and durability in harsh environments.


6mm Riggs

The 6mm Riggs cartridge is based on the ballistic performance of 5.45x39 scaled up for increased weight, power, and stability at longer ranges- a zero compromise round designed to offer the best combination of features for an intermediate carbine.


Centrifugal Gauss Action

The process of accelerating ferrous projectiles to hypersonic speeds via electromagnetic fields is incredibly bulky, expensive, and power hungry in its current form, so why not think smaller? The CGA is built for application as a sub gun alternative, launching a 10mm steel ball at subsonic speeds and holding up to 5 rounds in the action at any given time. This gives it the benefit of being virtually silent and having a faster rate of fire than any firearm ever designed at the cost of effective range and accuracy.

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MK1 series IMAS

The IMAS (Infantry Modular Armor system) is a modular armor platform designed to provide full body coverage and mobility to a soldier with the added advantage of making them stronger, more connected, and improving their senses. Sound like sci-fi? It basically is. 

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The 3 Mile Projectile

World records are expensive to set. When HKT was approached with the challenge to design a projectile capable of precise fire at 3 Miles the concern was less about expense and more about physical possibility. How do you get a conventional bullet to maintain stability at that range? You don't. You think a little less conventionally.

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Advanced Acclerometer

This little device can change the way the firearm industry designs compensators, brakes, even stocks, by getting real world data from shot to shot. It works by giving precise feedback of motion in a 3D plane that can be analyzed and interpreted to reinforce key supports or determine port effectiveness.


Rescue Tooling

HKT started out in knife and tool design. This initial business model ran up against a particularly aggravating wall. There just isn't much money in rescue tools, certainly not enough to stay afloat. There is however a lot of good design intent. While this isn't the fanciest avenue of research, HKT would like to produce some of its original designs as well as create more for sale and for donation to first responders all over the country.